At NPX, we’re here to walk you through the production process every step of the way. Our goal is to produce the highest quality product—built to your exact specifications.

Here’s how the production process typically works for rapid prototyping projects.

You provide us with an RFQ. If you don’t have a specification or solid model, our engineering consulting services can help you develop that.

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We schedule an engineering call where we have an in-depth discussion with you in order to fully understand your needs from a quality and design standpoint.

Our design team meets with you and provides you with a quote.

We can help determine the right material and procure it from one of our vendors or work with the material you provide us.

Once we receive a PO, we move into process development where we will determine the best manufacturing process for the project

The next stage is laser cutting and/or post-processing where we apply the appropriate process for the desired surface to the product.

The last step is a final inspection where we determine if we have met your exact specifications.

medical device rapid prototyping

For each of these steps, we remain in constant communication with our customers to ensure that the product development is progressing according to their needs.

We also have in-process checks throughout the laser cutting and post-processing steps of the workflow to make sure we’re meeting your specifications along the way.

Once everything has been verified, we issue the paperwork and ship out the parts.

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Material Consulting

We can provide guidance to help you determine the best material for your product. Some products, such as stents, can only be expanded to a certain degree before the material becomes strained and is at risk of suffering from fatigue or other kinds of failures. Our expertise can help you mitigate the risks of choosing the wrong materials and help achieve superior product results.

Controls and Checks

Clients often want to know the specifics about the controls and checks we have in place. This is an area where we excel but are also constantly improving. For example, we’ve recently added additional metrology equipment that verifies the product as it moves through the processing steps, ensuring that the end product meets each customer’s individual requirements.

Flexibility Sets Us Apart

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best service experience with no product minimums. We are just as happy servicing low to medium orders as we are large orders.

Recently, we’ve doubled our laser cutting capacity by adding new lasers and personnel. This allows us to maintain a quick turn on prototyping while also being available to customers who have large quantity orders.

Additionally, we have also been working on the build-out of additional post-processing lines. We’ve added custom-built automation systems for post-processing which allows for greater control and repeatability. These new capabilities enable us to process a greater variety of products, amounts, and specialty metals.