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NPX Medical has partnered with Nextern, Inc., a global medical device development and manufacturing enterprise headquartered in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. NPX brings our full life cycle offerings to Nextern. This collaboration will allow NPX Medical to continue creating superior metal stents and precise laser-cut implements on a larger scale. 

Best-in-Class Capabilities

Nextern will provide their established global manufacturing connections – including facilities in Costa Rica and Vietnam – to provide NPX’s partners with more expansive manufacturing and distribution opportunities. Rich Farrell, CEO of Nextern, shared these thoughts on the collaboration:

Nextern’s mission is built on collaborative medical devices, and we   are looking forward to bringing that mission to the next level with NPX Medical. With our combined resources and experience, we will bring innovative systems, equipment and greater speed to market to both NPX’s and our partners.

Both companies have service offerings that provide partners with the tools to elevate their medical devices to market. We are excited to pair the decades of experience with the qualified, collaborative team of engineers at Nextern to provide new and innovative services to partners. Paul Hindrichs, President of NPX Medical, shared his thoughts: 

“NPX is joining the world-class manufacturing team at Nextern where we will combine forces to help power a more robust suite of medical device enablement capabilities to help our partners in improving patient outcomes and bettering day-to-day lives worldwide.”

Improving Medical Device Production

At NPX, we pride ourselves on fueling agile, efficient, and accurate product iteration. Often our partners just need a prototype to obtain more information or funding. We help communicate concepts, refine ideas, and provide the product to help the project move forward. NPX excels when the stakes are high and lead times need to be kept to a minimum. 

We have thoughtfully structured our approach so that we always have excess capacity, which yields the shortest of lead times. We have a unique approach in which we have purchased machines ahead of the business in anticipation of what our customers might require. This allows us at any point in time to begin working on an order immediately. We strive to maintain that commitment to offer as short as a 3-5 day turnaround. The teams at Nextern and NPX remain committed to delivering best-in-class medical devices and instruments to move the industry forward and improve patient outcomes. 

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