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Medical Device Quality

Prototype Laser Cutting in the Twin Cities

Laser cutting for medical device prototypes helps to create unique components and meet even the strictest guidelines. Operate with precision when you are creating components for your medical device with professional laser cutting from NPX. Multiple axes on our machines help to create incredibly clean and precise medical device components that are within tight OEM tolerances.

Laser cutting is the perfect solution for exact parts and custom sizing. NPX is proud to provide high-quality laser cutting for medical device manufacturing and prototyping in the Twin Cities.

In addition to laser cutting services, NPX is excited to provide high-quality design work, manufacturing planning, optimization, and more to our Minnesota partners. If you’re interested in working with us, explore the rest of our website.

Work with Minnesota’s Leader in Collaborative Medical Prototyping

Nextern collaborates with innovators, device partners, clinicians, and more to deliver collaborative medical device innovation to the market. We make sure that our relationships are tailored towards goals, and that we collaborate every step of the way. No matter where your device is in its development journey, Nextern has the resources to help you grow and thrive.

Our team of creative and driven engineers is passionate about bringing innovation to the medical device field. We offer
full-spectrum development, with extensive experience designing minimally invasive devices and fully integrated control systems.

Nextern also brings global manufacturing experience to each project with proprietary manufacturing management technology. This helps us increase our clients’ speed to market and ease pain points in prototyping.

Find out more about our mission, and how you can work with
Minnesota’s Collaborative Medical Device Specialists, by filling out a contact form.