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Medical Device Quality

Precision Laser Cutting in the Twin Cities

When it comes to your medical device, ensuring that each component is cut from high-quality steel that has been machined to exact specifications is critical. At NPX, we value your exactitude and reflect that spirit in our medical device laser cutting.

Our machines operate on a 4-axis model, which allows both tubes and flat stock to be cut to exact measurements. This also allows a wide variety of metals to be machined, ensuring that you have the perfect configuration for your prototype.

We’re also proud to provide this quality service on a rapid and streamlined schedule. Where normal components would take weeks to machine, NPX can manufacture laser-cut medical device components in just 3-5 business days.

With decades of combined experience, our team consists of the best laser cutting technicians in the Twin Cities
. Explore our process and capabilities below.

NPX Medical Brings Precision Laser Cutting to the Twin Cities

With decades of experience in medical device manufacturing, NPX has the tools, staff, and know-how to help you achieve top-tier product development and design. Our goal is to help fuel innovation in the industry as a medical device development partner and premier manufacturer.

We work with a variety of metals to build high-quality stents and other components for medical device prototypes. We focus on several key areas to bring performance and quality to our partners:

  • Rapid prototyping helps fuel efficient and accurate product iteration. We can often produce fully functional parts before competitors even produce quotes. 
  • Research and development helps refine our process and technology for the future. We use these insights to quickly add value to every stage of your project, from inception through commercialization. 
  • Production capabilities enable your prototype to hit the market faster. We are positioned to manufacture intricate devices on a massive scale. 

At NPX, we are excited to bring high-quality medical device laser cutting to Minnesota and beyond. If you’re ready to upgrade the way you manufacture, develop, and design, give us a call or click.